a baker's dozen ...

things you may never thought to have asked me …


1.  I can write with either hand forwards, backwards, upside down and one other way I don’t quite know how to describe.

2.  I’ve been a professional oral storyteller for 16 years.

3.  Love telling and working with folk and fairy tales as well as personal and original stories.

4.  I find it fascinating that we each have a unique way of understanding and sharing story.

5.  I enjoyed thirteen years as a teaching artist in Wolf Trap Early Learning Through The Arts – a professional development program for teachers, the arts and an education program for children – where I learned a lot about movement, storytelling and music.

6.  My eyes are two different colors.

7.  I don’t think any words are off­ limits to say, as long as they are not hurled to hurt another.

8.  I believe there ought to be more typos, typos allowed in this world.

9.  Play is not just for children – play is a basic human need.

10. Story can be used as a tool to connect or disconnect – that’s important to remember.

11. “bill,” the  imaginary beagle that sometimes travels and visits with me, gave birth to two sons – both greyhounds.

12. I believe story has no power – people have power.

13. I just love the book, The Oldest Living Things In the World, by Rachel Sussman. This book inspires such wonder! To see some images, click here.

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