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Can you see the head of my imaginary beagle rolling in the grass behind the flowers!

why play?

Play is a human need. It relieves stress, improves focus, increases engagement, is a terrific learning tool – I  can’t think of a better one – and it’s fun!  Of course there are many other reasons why play is so engaging and connective.

what is play?

There are many definitions of play. I think of it as whatever engages a person in joy: that walk in the park, the reading you love to do, a baseball game you either enjoy going to or playing. It could be origami, or it might be that research you’re working on. When I play I feel in control of the process, the action, I’m curious and attentive. When we are playing we may not look like we’re playing, and my play may not be the same as yours. Here’s an article on play from NPR, and for further reading you might like enjoy Dr. Stuart Brown’s book,  Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination.

what is personal leadership?

When I think of self or personal leadership, I think of the leader within – click here for more.

what is oral storytelling?

Oral storytelling is what humans have been doing for thousands of years – telling stories – out loud to one or more listeners. In my mind there are generally four components when an oral story is consciously shared: one or more listeners or audience members, a teller, a story, and the “teller as listener.” We can and do tell stories to ourselves too! I consider a story to be orally told if at minimum there is a conscious telling and the only listener is the teller. Often a written story is composed differently than an oral story because the act of listening and observing a live storyteller is different than reading the same story.

what is the difference between an oral story and a written story?

A story that is fixed on a page is just that – fixed – it can’t be changed in a written form until a new edition or version is printed. However, an oral story is alive – it can change in the telling. It has vibrancy – it means something to whoever is sharing it. Although there are times when people tell stories in the same way … those stories may be fixed too – in our mind’s eye. However they are more likely to change when a connection is remade by the teller. An oral story can change in the telling – a written story is one version, and maybe the only version of a story on a page.

what is it like to participate in my workshops and programs?

Most of my workshops, programs and services are experiential and interactive. Participation is essential, but you determine your level of engagement – you are in charge. I hope to provide you with an environment in which you feel comfortable yet inspired and don’t mind taking a little risk.

what are the activities, exercises and experiences like?

Activities will vary depending on the need, program or workshop. Most will involve the spoken and/or written word, story and the creative process. Some may involve improv, drama, creativity or art-based activities. In other cases, depending on the bent of the workshop you might be asked to tell a story to another person or two or even to small audience – but you have the final say. Please see the description of the particular program, workshop or service you are interested in or feel free to contact me should you have additional questions.  A few tools I enjoy working with:

  • Personal, original, folk and fairy tales
  • Conversational storytelling and more formal storytelling
  • Diverse topics and themes
  • Various communication methods
  • Imagination
  • Journaling and other forms of process writing
  • Play as a tool for change and creativity
  • Improv

where will we meet?

Depending on the nature of the service, we may connect on-line, in-person, through email, phone or use a video chat platform like Google Hangouts.

do you work with groups and individuals?

Yes, if you are interested in working with me individually or would like to hire me for your group, please contact me.  I will send you a short form to fill out so that I can learn more about you or your group’s needs and we’ll go from there.

are you available as a writer for hire, an oral storyteller or speaker ? 

Yes, please contact me.

do you create  custom programs, workshops?

Yes, please contact me.

do you have any questions that weren’t answered above, please ask here.

engage, connect, create - lead!

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