a storied life

some highlights ...

1989 – Surprise!


  • Graduated from Nazareth College, … can’t tell you how surprised I was to graduate  in math of all things.  You can bet there’s a story here!
  • Taught math for four years and then realized it was time for a new adventure.
  • My father died leaving me with an understanding of the wonder and beauty of memories and the experience of being a caregiver. Other advocacy experiences followed.


1993 – Transition Time


  • Worked in a variety of temp and contract positions. Some of the jobs were a lot of fun – like software testing.
  • Discovered I wanted to be a writer. Turned out no one else saw me that way. What I was to discover was that I needed to see myself as a writer!
  • Started working as a Documentation Specialist and found a Brain Trust – a delightful friendship of four former co-workers.


1998 – Storytelling?


  • First storytelling class – yes I didn’t complete it!  What story did I have to tell?


1999 – Ah! Storytelling and that invitation to play!


  • Second storytelling class – yesss! I completed the class after receiving a little invitation to play from an imaginary beagle. I told my first public story at the end of the class and began my new adventure as an oral storyteller.
  • Completed a Gerontology Certificate Program (Lifespan / St. John Fisher College) and grew my advocacy experience over the next five years or so as a Long Term Care Ombudsman.
"They say" everyone has a story - no! no! we all have many stories!

2013 – Expanding


  • Began developing a new buisness structure to take story and play work to a larger audience.
  • In 2013, I joined Lisa Murphy’s Play Book Club which morphed into  the Rochester Play Book Club. The conversation and all the many books we’ve read on play and related topics adds immeasurably to my understanding in the fields of personal development, story and storytelling, presence, play and communication. I think of it as a salon for the study of play and am grateful to be a part of this group.
  • Developed a new program, Play and Change ~ Using Play as a Tool for Personal Change.
  • Creating a book, A Wild Hair Idea ~ An Invitation to Play! (working title) which is to due to be self-published in 2017. This book invites the reader to take a playful and introspective journey with an invisible dog, stories and storytelling. Its intent is to engage and shed light on the application of personal storytelling, story, play and the path we all take as storytellers in our own lives.


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