Holy moly! I announced way back in July that I was revamping my site. I can’t believe it was that long ago! I made some progress but in September I realized I needed to take a few steps back, get a new WordPress theme and tackle it all over again. I announced my goal to complete the revamp by November 21st, but that has come and gone. Was I disappointed? You betcha’, and I’m also celebrating what I’ve learned in the last few weeks:

Lesson #1: When you tell people something, they may expect it to happen! They may want to hear the rest of the story, so it helps to share what happens along the way – no matter how it turns out – otherwise folks have a tendency to make up their own story. This is a lesson I already knew, let’s just say I relearned it.

Lesson #2: It’s okay to change your mind, but don’t expect everyone to get it, understand it, or necessarily care. That’s okay too. This is where my play practice was helpful – it helped me gain perspective.

Lesson #3: Focus on what is important. Since we are always being and becoming, that can mean taking yourself and/or your work unexpectedly in a new direction. If focus was a chili bean, you wouldn’t smash it would you?

Lesson #4: Embrace the journey because these ARE the good ol’ days. Long ago, I took my first experiential workshop and loved it, but one day I woke up and realized that every moment is an opportunity to experience the experiential – even lectures and website designing. But it is up to me to engage – to show up.

Lesson #5: Tell the truth. Okay, I already knew this lesson, but I keep learning it at deeper levels. If truth was a flavor, would it always taste the same?

I do have my website revamp scheduled in, and I have made some progress. However, I’m not stating any public deadlines on it this time. So, this is the last in my website revamp series, and I’m delighted as I have some new work to share. At the same time I’m grateful to have shared this experience over the past few months with you.

When have you not made a deadline, and how did you handle it?

– Mary

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