When doing my collage art, I often hang a canvas (or similar) up in a living space in my home and give it the time and space it needs to develop. Some collages have taken days, others weeks, months or even years to complete. I’ve loved the process and always learned so much from it. So, I’ve decided to redo my website in the same manner. I’m now thinking of my site as a canvas: allowing it to unfold, and inviting you to share in the journey.

My WordPress site needs to be revamped because my business and I are not quite in the same place they were when I first designed it a couple of years ago. It would be fun to work with someone and try out other themes – really give my site a makeover. BUT, considering my time and resources I won’t be doing a full-scale revamp. For 8 weeks (this being the first week), I’m going to redo the content and tweak the style and keep it as simple as I can. My hope is to create a more compelling and interesting site.

I don’t consider the website under construction – no! It is complete just like a master painting or a collage – complete in the moment. It may not be pretty. In fact, it could be a bit ugly at times, but I’m accepting it, as it is – a work of art in the moment.

I hope to blog on Wednesdays about the experience and my progress.  Below you will find an image of my site which will give you a pretty good idea of what the home page looked like prior to today’s changes.

Today, I changed the header and the home page, and I’m not sure where the style is going. I know I want a less serious style than I had – something lighter, compelling and connecting. It’s a little scary having it change live, but I like the experiential, I like interaction and I’m excited to see where this goes. I have one day a week set aside to work on this, but I may tweak things here and there at other times too.

So, what do I think about the changes? I LOVE the cartoon picture and have wanted that up for a long time. I like the wording in the header, but somehow it needs more punch (font? size? alignment? color?). I wanted to put my cartoon image in the header, but I can’t enlarge the size of the photo much more than it is. And, my content – is it clear? Is it representative? Does it make sense? And, what about the new background? I’ll be re-reading it aloud to see how it lands on the ear. 

I’m hoping I can complete this in only 8 weeks. Am I cRazY? Maybe!

Then there is this little thing. I had a plan – an 8 week plan and my decision this week which scraps the logical, rational plan is now up for grabs. There are some parts I can still use and refer to. Now, I don’t really know where this is going. I hadn’t planned on starting this without the content set and, yet, I find myself energized. What’s the worst that could happen … No! I’m not going there. The form WILL manifest or not, the HOW will happen or not and the journey will be taken. Anyway … that’s the little thing!

And one more thing, these blog posts will be typed on the fly – so it’ll all be out here – including the herds of typos and/or grammar errors. (Why herds? It’s kind of nice thinking of them as wild and roaming the land – showing up where they will.)

I LOVE inviting others in to play along with me and share questions, suggestions and comments – so feel free to do so below!

– Mary

PS   I use Genesis, and the Prose Child Theme. I haven’t learned CSS, but have a background in computers and have coded in the past. My intent is to creatively work within the box that is my theme.

PPS  My apologies to those who subscribe, I hadn’t realized I’d published this and was updating along the way, I meant to finalize this blog post and then publish! Publishing prior to when I wanted to was definitely NOT my plan!

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Old image of site prior to changes

Older image of site prior to today’s update, with the following changes: 1) My tagline read: Adventures in Personal Leadership, Creativity and Communication. 2) I didn’t have a caption under my name.


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