I’m collaging, that is revamping the content and style of my site one day out of each of 8 weeks. I have 6 weeks left – that is six days left. This week it has been a playful day of contradictions. (See Week #1 here)

One of the conditions of this website challenge is that I’m playing – it is interesting to note that one can play and have feelings of all kinds even though play is often thought of as only including positive emotions. Another condition is that I’m not allowing myself to ask for other’s opinions. People can state them and I welcome thoughts, comments, even questions – but this isn’t a collaborative process – it’s little work of web art.

When I collage, write, work on my story work or play practice I’m free to move, I know what I like to use and am not so limited in time and knowledge – it feels like there is more freedom of choice than when updating the style and content of my website. I’m banking on the idea that there is also freedom in the Word Press box I’ve chosen and hopefully, I’ll find my way.

Unfortunately, I felt boxed in today by my theme (Genesis, Prose Theme) and my lack of knowledge!!! Fortunately, I have a huge sense of freedom because I’ve chosen to work within the theme as much as possible. I do believe though that after this, I will have a list of courses I want to take.

I did notice that I dawdled when getting ready to play with the site today – not as much as last week – but still. I was dancing prior to settling down. I think I felt a little nervous about making whatever decisions I made on the fly publicly and then sharing about the experience immediately without letting the words rest on the page a bit. I don’t even have my content written up – I am doing it off-the-cuff. That said, I’ve worked with my material a good deal and know what I want to say. This work is important to me – it’s not a joke.  Thankfully, I tuned into  a Pharrell Williams’ song and it got me right in the mood!

Today, I worked on some overall changes to the site in the header and the menu. It doesn’t look much different because many of the modifications I  made didn’t look very good and I reverted to what I had. I’m also relearning things I’d learned when I set the site up and had forgotten. I will say I’m doing things a bit smarter. Then again, I was aghast that I published my blog post last week by accident WAY before it was done. I was embarrassed that it went out that way, however I was delighted that I wasn’t over-the-top crazed about it. In other words, I slept well! This week though, I’m writing my blog post OFF site.

I also worked on the welcome (home) page, the about (the story) page and the wanna’ play (services) content and menus as well as updated the header.

Unfortunately, I worried that I would never get the site done in 6 more weeks working only one day a week. Fortunately, I’m not going to worry more than I have!
I am humbled by what I don’t know and excited to learn more. I am grateful that I feel on edge about this, because that usually means things are in good shape even if a bit chaotic.

I was also reminded of some plugin issues that I’ll get to after I’m done with the overall design and content work. Should I use Google Analytics and up my game with respect to SEO? These things can wait until after I complete the work I’m doing now.

Unfortunately, my weekly dose of website play is almost at an end for the day, and I have so much more to do. Fortunately, I have another date set for next week on my personal and public experiential website challenge.

– Mary

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Edited 7/27/2016 for a few corrections!

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