Over the last few weeks I found myself thinking that the new headshot on my website was a bit blurry, which was odd as one of the reasons I chose the photo was for its crispness. I thought I was spending too much time in front of the computer until someone pointed out that my images were fuzzy on retinal screens. Hey! I have one of those – hurray – it wasn’t my eyesight!

How to optimize images for retinal screens was one of the many things I learned over the last twenty-four hours. Among other things, I realized I needed more time to complete this project than one day a week, and between you and me, I’ve been sneaking more time in.

Luckily, my sabbatical week has arrived! Every eight weeks I take one week off to work on a special project, etc. This is perfect timing. I’ve decided to begin my sabbatical week today and do the bulk of the rest of the work that needs to be done on my site. To read about my original goals, please see here.

I believe:

I’m getting closer to a new style.
  • fingers crossed 
I’ve fixed the responsiveness issues I had with my header.
  • I’ve learned that playing within the box (that is the website theme I chose a few years back) can be just about as satisfying and creative as playing outside the box even though I wasn’t always seeing clearly this past week.
  • I’ve accepted the limitations that come with the theme, my experience with website design, knowledge of WordPress, and the eight-week challenge I’ve posed for myself.

Your comments, thoughts and suggestions on my “just enough” site are welcome. Hoping you all have a playful week with stories that satisfy and delight!

– Mary

ps  edited for clarity 8/25/2016.

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