Weeds, those uninvited guests, sometimes arrive when you least expect them. This is the 5th week of my website challenge, and I didn’t work on my website yesterday as I planned.

If I were going to give excuses, I’d say:

  • Hey! I was at a business two-day intensive on play over the weekend, and Monday was a travel day!
  • #*(% – there’s a bunch of things I have to catch up on!

But, I’m not going there.

I do feel a little overwhelmed, after all, how am I going to find another 8 hours of website time now, within the constraints of the rest of my weekly schedule?

The answer is:  I won’t be able to.

So, what to do? Do I extend and grace myself with an additional week? Or, do I simply chalk this up to what it is, let it go, and complete what I want to in 4 weeks  instead of 5?

I’ve decided to trust that I can accomplish what I need to in the next 4 weeks (that’s 4 days folks). This feels a little dicey to me, but that’s my decision, AND I’m also choosing to blog about the experience NOT on the day I’m doing the website work, but the following day instead. Trying to do both of those things on the same day was a bit much.

I did have some thoughts about my website this week:

  • Do I REALLY like that header?
  • What about some color? And, what colors?
  • Content . . . I have a lot of work to do there.
  • How about saying things a little more simply?
  • My services need revamping, I am going to get to that, aren’t I?

I did accomplish two things:  a headshot and a better understanding of color. I hope to upload the photo prior to posting this blog. The headshot turned out to be a selfie – I like the immediacy of it. You can see the image here.

The thing I love about weeds is they can be:

  • creative – they pop up in the most ingenious places.
  • hardy – even though I live in a place which is currently having a drought – they keep right on growing.
  • beautiful – think wild flowers or just a mass of green loveliness in the middle of dormant grass.
  •  invitations to a new perspective!

Weeds don’t worry, they just do their work, and I think I’ll get back to mine.

More next week!

– Mary

PS  If you are in need of a little play break: take ten minutes, and your camera on a walk. Photograph the weeds you come across, and see if you can begin to see the beauty in a new story or maybe let go of one that no longer serves.

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