it MUST be time for a story or play break

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In the meantime here are some ideas for story or play breaks that might just leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day!

Play Break:

  • Put on your favorite tune and dance.
  • Doodle in black and white or in color.
  • Go outside and just breath in the fresh air.
  • Try a little Animal Play, click here.

Story Break:

  • Tell someone about that thing that happened to you today, or this past week. Or, if no one is available take a minute and write it down.
  • Tell yourself one of your favorite personal stories, but substitute a superhero in for one of the characters.
  • Relax and just listen to whatever is going on around you for two minutes.
  • Consider a favorite story (personal, childhood, film, etc.) and think about how one of the characters might approach a challenge or problem you might be having.

Have a playful day!

– Mary

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