w:copyright - cootie catcher - DSCF0736 copyBeginnings – they come in all shapes and sizes don’t they? Here’s the first prototype of my business plan (about April of 2013). You might think it looks familiar. That’s because it is a larger than life size cootie catcher! To manipulate it, I needed to use my head, arms and OMG it would have been nice to have another body part available at the time. Eventually I whittled it down to a more manageable size – but I do so LOVE the prototype – I still have it! And the ideas I got during that time I have used again and again.

I found the video I made and thought some you might enjoy seeing it in action. It’s amazing the wonderful things that have happened since I created my three dimensional larger than life size prototype of a biz plan. In the video I’m trying to describe the process to others in the same program (Jennifer Lee’s facilitated Right Brain Business Plan) – near the end I open up my business plan and try to move it about as you would an actual cootie catcher. Go to about 4:50 if you want to see it in action and skip the preamble.

I did eventually design my very first business plan from this prototype – although I had to make it a lot smaller, but still larger than the traditional size cootie catcher. And, I still work with cootie catchers – that is Opportunity Catchers.

Play opens all kinds of possibilities and personal leadership helps us recognize and connect with playful moments and wild hair ideas! #tbt

– Mary

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