We share small and large conversations with our family, friends and our customers everyday.  Today, I had an interesting conversation with a local contractor and ended up with a new story to share.

I need some work done on a little house project and called a contractor for a quote last week. He came out and was friendly and informative. Based on the conversations we had and a little additional research, I was willing to work with his firm.

Today, 4 days after our first meeting, I got a follow-up call. I mentioned it would be about a week before I could get back to him. That’s when he lost me . . . his voice sounded so dejected that I left the call with a feeling of not wanting to work with him at all.  His voice strongly suggested “What’s the use? Why do I bother? I desperately need more customers.”

He did everything right as a business person – he handled my initial call, the estimate, the follow-up call — everything except for the last two seconds. All he said was “Okay, thanks” or something similar, but his voice said so much more. He seemed to lose all confidence and, amazingly, I immediately felt a lack of confidence in him.

And, now, he may well be right, I will think twice before I call him back.

It’s amazing what’s conveyed between the words.

And, so it reminds me to pay attention to what I am sharing in the story.

– Mary

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Edited 12/14/2016 fro clarity and added image.

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