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offering …

  • 00 - image header #1 retina size 5 pxl borderAdventures that are interactive and experiential, that is: workshops, programs, services and products that foster engagement, connection and creativity for the self-directed and creative voice.
  • Resources – a playground – of strategies, tools, tips and resources for the development of your play or story practice.
  • A Blog about personal leadership, personal storytelling, presence, and play. I also share my adventures, including those of my imaginary 17 year old, 3-toed, now 50-pound beagle (was 150 pounds).
  • The Creative Voice! – my free newsletter – more to come on this!

 “Your voice is a gift – story and play are instruments of connection.”

i help …

people share and explore stories, build presence and play, so that they can embrace and effect change and lead more creative lives – one story, one conversation, one playful moment at a time.

“How are you tossing and catching the ball?
Because how you toss a story or catch a moment matters!”

excuse the dust, the debris – the confusion …

00 -Charicature #3 copy 2I’m just playing with my website – only 2 weeks left. I am refining the content to better share my services, resources with you over an 8-week period. And, I’m doing it live. Yes, LIVE!  When doing my collage art, I often hang a canvas (or similar) up in a living space in my home and give it the time and space it needs to develop.  Some of these collages have taken days, others weeks, months or even years to complete. I’ve loved the process and always learned so much from it. So, I’ve decided to redo my website in the same manner. I’m thinking of it as I would a canvas: allowing the site to unfold, and inviting you to share in the journey.

Logo #4, MKC, BorderI invite you to explore my services, sign up for The Creative Voice, my newsletter, or contact me here