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... one story, one conversation, one playful moment at a time!

i help …

leaders, life long learners and artists tell their stories and grow their story and play work to:

  • embrace and effect change.
  • communicate with more confidence and ease.
  • build community and relationship.
  • lead more self-directed, creative, and playful lives.
  • foster life long personal and professional growth and development.

For you or your organization – especially for dealing with change – please see my new offering, Play and Change ~ Using Play as a Tool for Change here.

“Your voice is a gift – story and play are instruments of connection.”


Mary K Clark

If play was a roll of paper towels, it would be a staple in every home, school, and office.

what you’ll find here …


  • Adventures – I offer interactive and experiential workshops and programs that help people grow their communication and personal leadership skills and engage their creative voice. Learn more.
  • Services – for individuals and groups – including custom programs, consultation, writing, speaking and more. Learn more.
  • Resources – Coming Soon: A playground of strategies, tools, tips and resources for the growth of your play or story practice.
  • Writing  – I write and blog about personal leadership, personal storytelling, presence, play, and the creative voice. Learn more.


“How are you tossing and catching the ball? Because how you toss a story or catch a moment matters!”

What if your personal story was an egg? How would you share it with others?

new offering … 

Play and Change ~ Using Play as a Tool for Change


Would you or your organization like to embrace and effect change with more ease? Using play, as a tool, offers us the opportunity to feel safe, engage creatively and focus our attention with more clarity, connection, and creativity. Explore how play, as a tool, can help us thrive when change knocks at the door.


A custom  program or workshop can be created to help you or your organization to:


  • embrace and effect change in your personal or professional life with more ease and creativity.
  • problem solve, build perspective, understanding and relationship.
  • communicate with more confidence and connection – while growing, changing, letting go of and/or creating new stories.
  • develop a play practice – a tool to have in your back pocket – one you don’t have to download.
  • engage, connect, create and lead more effectively.
  • foster life long personal and professional learning, growth and development.
  • not take life so seriously all the time!

Would you like more information? Contact me here.


What if your leadership style was an artichoke? Would it be easy to get to the heart of the matter?

a blog post sampling

Tree Play ~ a personal & professional play and project management tool
A resource for you … 

Have you ever walked backwards?

A perennial favorite

engage, connect, create - lead!

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