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what i do …

I write, share stories, and provide workshops and programs to help you engage, connect, create and lead a more creative life – one story, one conversation, one playful moment at time. I’m a writer, story and play facilitator, and an oral storyteller.

00 - image header #1 retina ready drop shad d4,90,55, 30, SE 10who i work with …

I work with educators, life long learners, and those that want to stand up, stand in and stand out in their creative lives to:

  • create and communicate more clearly.
  • embrace and effect change.
  • more effectively share and tell stories in oral or written form.
  • gain perspective and build presence.
  • grow more joyful communities and relationships.

 “Your voice is a gift – story and play are instruments of connection.”

what you’ll find here …

  • writing  – I write and blog about personal leadership, personal storytelling, story, presence, play, and the creative voice.
  • adventures – I offer interactive and experiential workshops and programs that help you grow your communication and personal leadership skills and engage your creative voice as well as develop a story or play practice. Learn more.
  • services – for individuals and groups – including custom programs, consultation, writing, speaking and more. Learn more.
  • resources – Coming Soon: A playground of strategies, tools, tips and resources for the growth of your play or story practice or style.
  • the creative voice! – My newsletter – sign up here!

“How are you tossing and catching the ball? Because how you toss a story or catch a moment matters!”

pardon the confusion, the website mess …

00 -Charicature #3 copy 2I’m just playing with my website!  I am refining the site to better share my services and resources with you. Recently, I completed a personal website challenge to accomplish this task in 8 weeks. At the end of 9 weeks – yes NINE weeks, I realized I needed to break out of the website box I was in, and redesign the site using a different WordPress website theme that would serve my readers, customers, and I with more ease.  My new challenge is to have this work complete in one month, and like the last challenge, I will be doing it LIVE once again. I think of this challenge and this website as living art: When doing my collage art, I often hang a canvas (or similar) up in a living space in my home and give it the time and space it needs to develop. Some of these collages have taken days, others weeks, months or even years to complete. I’ve loved the process and always learned so much from it. This process was tremendously instructive over the past 9 weeks. I’m thinking of it as I would a canvas: allowing the site to unfold, and inviting you to share in the journey. I’ll keep you updated here and will be updating via blog post on Wednesdays, beginning 9/21/2016.  To read about my lessons learned from the last 9 weeks click here. Your comments, thoughts and feedback are welcome during this challenge, and if there is something you would especially love to see on these pages, please contact me here.

Logo #4, MKC, BorderI invite you to explore my services, sign up for The Creative Voice, my newsletter, or contact me here.