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The Crying Song ~ a story about change

When change happens in your life, does “play” come to mind? … Speaking of change, one of my favorite stories about change has been on my mind recently. This is about a five minute story about a little turtle and change. It’s one of my off-the-cuff stories and I hope you enjoy it!

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4 take-a-ways to navigate roadblocks with a bit more clarity

We had a pretty big windstorm yesterday in my neck of the woods and more than one tree fell over. One of those trees fully blocked a neighborhood road. This got me thinking about the roadblocks we run across in our lives. In this short video you'll find four...

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What if we walked backwards

One day, in March of 2016, I got a wild hair idea. That is, I had the odd notion that when I went out for my next walk, I ought to walk backwards. My next thought was that it would look a little odd, and it could be a risky thing to do. Heck, it might even be dangerous, and it did turn out to be dangerous, but more on that later.

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Ranking your work? your art?

In this post, I rank myself and my work on reputation, knowledge, expertise, tools and skillfulness. And, I share around some of the business (and art) assets I invest in and look to build. This is the 4th in a series of posts where I answer, publicly, questions about my work and business that Seth Godin asks the participants in his Freelancer Course.

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What do I provide?

To be honest Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course is a little more involved than I realized it would be, however it is worth the time. I like something a bit meaty – which is a funny expression to use, as I don’t eat meat. Here’s the latest batch of questions and answers about my work:

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Here are the questions, and my answers

I love questions and ask a lot of them. Today’s my turn to answer a few. I’m taking Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course. Early on he asks participants some questions and suggested we share our answers. I’m doing so here.

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Five lessons learned when I missed the deadline

Holy moly! I announced way back in July that I was revamping my site. I can’t believe it was that long ago! I made some progress but in September I realized I needed to take a few steps back, get a new WordPress theme and tackle it all over again.

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