I had a disappointment this past week – it had to with my business – a little project that didn’t go off as I expected. I couldn’t have been more prepared, and yet there I stood – surprised in the actual moment, disappointed, and a bit embarrassed. I knew enough to be present, to carry on, to do my best with what I had to work with. The thing is you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. Change happens, play helps.

So I’ve been playing and exploring these past seventeen days in my Leading Through Play 30-day challenge series, and I wondered, how might the earth, this land I walk, deal with disappointment and change? The past few days I noticed:

  • After a rain, the earth gives itself pause to reflect, but not for too long. There were magnificent puddles, after a recent downpour. They so clearly reflected the trees and sky above – this reminds me not to reflect too long, puddles dry up – change happens, embrace the invitation.
  • The earth is open to sharing. It came to my attention that I didn’t know the robin’s song even though I’ve seen many, many robins. How could I not know its song? I actually had to look it up on the internet. Turned out robins have many songs! Still stranger was that I knew the song of the mourning dove, but had no idea what the bird actually looked like! I don’t think the earth minded my ignorance, but the opportunity for me to learn, to stand still for a moment, to investigate was always there. The earth is generous.
  • The earth is willing to change and adapt – in a moment. The wind blows, the bee buzzes, the tree that’s always stood there is gone, the seasons change, the flowers bloom, it’s cloudy, it’s sunny – the earth grows and thrives in change – it isn’t static and neither are we.

I am reminded, by my explorations, that the more I welcome change, the more open I am to “not knowing”, and the easier it is to tend to the moment at hand. Maybe it is not so much about preparation, maybe it is more about acceptance, and a willingness to step into any moment as it is – the earth does not have a 5-point plan.

If change was a wildflower – it would be welcome, and maybe I’d gather a few for a vase, or better still I would enjoy them in all their glory in the wild – meanwhile the land I walk grows.

Enjoy the stories and have a playful day!

– Mary

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