How do you handle conflicting stories and uncertainty?

I’m in the middle of some projects. One of them involves my basement – the foundation of the house – my home. I am doing some work down there and I need to figure out the story and chart a course of action.

One bunch of stories is full of rules and regulations and this’s and that’s – important things to protect my family and me. The rules and regulation’s folks don’t necessarily all tell the same story. Other professionals tell different stories. These different stories come with price tags.

The costs are time, energy, money. There are emotional costs too – some stories play on consumer fear.

I’m a storyteller, I listen. I hear the spaces and the gaps between the words, between the tales.

What I hear is people who cannot share the whole story because their hands are tied with rules, regulations, fears of lawsuits, greed and so the real story is hidden and hard to discern.

In the space between these tales is a chunk of uncertainty and more than a dash of curiosity. There’s opportunity in uncertainty – thank goodness!

– Mary


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