Oh yes …

the cruise control?
It randomly kicks out –
momentum lost,
at times,
like me.

The man said
no problem
wait a bit and see.

So I set
the wheels
in motion
after stopping
for  some tea.

Living moments are bite-size stories – they are the small moments that make up our lives. These little stories matter.

For some reason the cruise control on my new car kicked out. However, on my old car the engine would occasionally turn off and hat was a problem! No one could could figure out why – I had to give up on that car!  I didn’t want to because the car was a gem and ran well in all other ways.

Sometimes you just have to let go of things.

Earlier today, while putting up this website, I thought about letting go of the website, but I didn’t. And this post is here and conjunctions be damned, I have momentum!

~ Mary

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Edited 12/14/2016 for clarity.

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