We’re always sharing stories whether around the campfire, the water cooler or somewhere else, aren’t we? Recently, I had a conversation with a woman, a new acquaintance. The topic of websites came up and so I shared a bit about my story. I told her I have a name for my site, I call it my Just Enuf Site because it’s just enough and complete in the moment . . . before I could finish, she shared that wasn’t her style – that just enuf wouldn’t work for her.

I can understand that. She shared that her site, when it goes live, when she finishes creating it, will speak of quality, thoughtfulness and professionalism. She has something of value to offer. I have to say I love all that – who doesn’t want their work to shine in such a light? Who doesn’t want to offer something with all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed?

The thing is I like my Just Enuf Site and in the process of putting it up, I’ve found I’m rather fond of a just enuf me. Just enuf doesn’t mean the value and quality might not be there. For me, it’s more about momentum and taking advantage of spontaneity, not planning and researching every last breath. It’s about taking action, meeting people and circumstances where they are – trusting the offer that is presented in the moment. Just enuf means I trust myself to keep learning and growing and being the best me I can be. Just enuf means I’m open to new stories and seeing and doing things in new ways.

I value my new friend’s position too. I look forward to seeing her site and learning more about what she offers, because there may be times when just enuf may not be the way to go.

My hope is that my newly revamped site offers you an opportunity to understand a bit about my work  and get to know me better.

If you have the time and the inclination, I’d love to hear any just enuf stories you might have to share.

– Mary

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Edit 12/25/2016:  changed title of post, removed image and caption and added larger image of same picture. 

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