The 8 weeks of my personal website challenge have come and gone. I didn’t post last week, which would have been week 8. I ran into some style and mobile response issues that I have no idea how to fix, and time seemed to fly by. My original personal 8 week website challenge can be found here.

Lessons learned in 8 + 1 weeks of revamping my site live and publicizing it weekly:

Lesson #1: Relax and enjoy the ride, it might be bumpier than you thought it would be, but you’ll be wiser and more surefooted for the path you take.

Lesson #2: Giving things space and time is a good thing. It was amazing how many times the answer to some question or other dropped into my lap after a good night’s sleep or even after a week of not working on it. There’s a sense I get sometimes to keep at whatever I’m working on, but that can narrow the view.

Lesson #3: Don’t be afraid to bust out of the box. Sometimes we outgrow the box we’re in, or we creatively break free of it by working within the constraints – either path leads us out of the box. We are always – if we are growing – breaking out of boxes.

Lesson #4: Claim the time you need. Originally, my plan was to work one day a week for eight weeks on the whole revamp. I did this for several weeks then I added in my sabbatical (project) week – all in all this revamp has taken about 20 days – much more time than I imagined.

Lesson #5: Re-learned! We can choose to have a new story. For example, I really wanted to be so much further ahead of where I am – like done! But I’m not. I don’t have to stay married to that tale. I can choose to have a new story, and so now I tell the one about busting out of the box and wondering what will be next on my journey.

Lesson #6: This isn’t a new lesson, but I am reminded how important play is. I’ve taken hourly play breaks (when I remembered), added walking into my day even though it was the last thing I wanted to do, and tossed a ball now and again to move, relax and refresh back into my work day.

Today, I’m:

  • contemplating moving to the Divi Theme so my site will be mobile responsive and have more styling options without coding.
  • noting down all the many things I have left to do on this site.
  • very much looking forward to publishing my book, A Wild Hair Idea – An Invitation to Play and some new work projects I have lined up. I really think of them as plork projects (play + work = plork)

I welcome any feedback you have on the content or pages of my site. If there is something in particular you wish to see on these pages, please let me know!

Play it forward!


I celebrate typos!

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