If my website was a shoe, then it would have a solid sole, a good heel and a fine fit. I’m not there yet. I’m still playing around – you know – don’t you – that playing around is serious business! This is the third week of my public 8-week website revamp. If you’d like to read about my personal eight-week challenge see here. I now have five weeks – that is five days left.

Confession! I ended up last week with a few questions, and during the week I also had a few website problems which I solved. The point is I’m suppose to only be working on my site once a week, and last week I delved in a couple of times due to curiosity, and a plugin update that caused a minor website issue that needed to be corrected.

I ended today wanting to do more, and feeling like I didn’t do enough, AND being satisfied with exactly where I am. It is still a bit disconcerting having my site be in a state of disarray, and not as I would like it to be. Still, there is something sole-satisfying, heeling and freeing about this little shoe-fly website pie I’m creating.

Today I:

  • Fooled around with header images and have a new one on the site.
  • Accomplished some content changes on the home page.

AND, I cannot believe that is it! It took hours, and I have to stop now.

Between last week and this week, in my extra time, I now know:

  • How to have a blog excerpt page with images, and I realize I have to pay more attention to the images I use. I may find a way to refine this page.
  • About a coding error I had – like the ONLY code I’ve ever added to the child theme, and removing it fixed a header image problem I’d had.
  • I didn’t need a favicon(that little image in the tab) plugin  and have a new image there now.
  • More about DNS, FTP and the backend of the website.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you really could go and buy your website in a shoe store. You’d get to try it on, take it for a walk – see how it fit. Probably wouldn’t take more than thirty minutes. Imagine you might choose a fancy website built to impress – one with high heels. Or, maybe you’d choose a flip flop website and you could have your site flip-flopping in different ways for your diverse customer base. Or perhaps, as a newbie, you’d be enchanted with a baby shoe website – cute but not time consuming!

Until next week, enjoy your adventure whatever it is.

– Mary

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Edited 12/31/2016 to change image.

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