Have you ever wanted to be heard? Thought you’d done everything you can to get to get your point across. And, you left the conversation without satisfaction.

Maybe the answer lies in releasing yourself from the need to be heard? Not that you won’t endeavor to be clear, or check for understanding, but sometimes clarity is something that occurs over time. Other times it is not so much that we aren’t being heard but that we are not listening.

Feeling heard is about being acknowledged, it’s about clarity of connection and context. It’s about understanding that you are in one space and, often, the people we are communicating with are in another.

If you find yourself frustrated because you feel unheard, try letting go of this need and see what happens. You might be surprised at what you learn. I know I have been really surprised at times, not only at what I’ve heard but also the story(s) that have come to mind – stories that I can change.

– Mary


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