Hot water heaters are often purchased in an emergency. Our hot water heater was 17 years old and we decided it was time to replace it before there was an issue – before the emergency.  But the whole experience turned into a story – a playful, engaging, and at times, frustrating experience with lessons learned. But more on the lessons learned another time.

I declared a while back that when we finally got our water heater in, I’d take a picture of myself with the water heater and then I started thinking what if I was a water heater . . .

If I was a water heater:

  • my nose would be my flue – I’d have a natural drafting water heater of course.
  • any stress would be relieved by my overflow pipe and Temperature Relief Valve (TPR).
  • and I felt drained, I’d unhook the hose from my drain valve and replenish my water.
  • my energy would be supplied by gas, water and air.
  • you’d find my physical being in the basement or perhaps a closet or attic, but my presence would ripple out all over the house: like in the kitchen and bathrooms or in the living room where some tired feet might enjoy a good soak.
  • my play would never get me in hot water (well, maybe I’m stretching it here!)
  • then, as a leader, I’d find that I wasn’t always in control of the situation.
  • I’d have a steady stream of stories to tell.
  • I’d be gassed!

What if you were a water heater?

– Mary

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