Here’s my working list plus a few more from a recent workshop I facilitated:

  1. Create a personal or professional creative space
  2. Record stories, anecdotes, ideas and inspirations
  3. Share historical, scientific or personal records
  4. Become more observant and/or increase awareness, focus and mindfulness
  5. Develop a meditation practice
  6. Gain perspective, understanding and knowledge
  7. Increase your understanding of a problem, challenge or opportunity
  8. Learn, and grow
  9. Write left handed, right handed and upside down – sounds quirky, I know – I enjoy doing this
  10. Solve problems
  11. Improve writing, video or audio skills
  12. Improve and/or explore an art, hobby or other personal or professional interest
  13. Create:  write, draw, sketch, collage and . . .
  14. Tend to some self care, self improvement, self development, self-accountability
  15. Collaborate (group journal)
  16. Find more humor in your life (humor journal)
  17. Alleviate stress
  18. Explore your experiences, hopes, dreams and stories
  19. Plan something
  20. Develop goals, document and/or track your progress or the process
  21. Explore and achieve a goal(s)
  22. Engage in creativity, play, innovation, and critical thinking
  23. Explore feelings, thoughts, needs, intentions, beliefs, stories and interests
  24. Document an experience, a trip – a journey taken
  25. Pay attention in general or to something specific
  26. Gain clarity, awareness, and insight
  27. Give yourself the gift of a little time and space for reflection or a bit of spontaneity
  28. As a gift for someone else
  29. Have a safe place to explore and share
  30. Share and/or process an experience individually or with others (group journaling)
  31. Learn more about what you value in life
  32. Develop a writing, blogging, vlogging, photography practice
  33. Grow a business, a hobby, a relationship
  34. Share with future generations
  35. Note progress or change
  36. Self-acknowledge and give presence
  37. Use as fodder for a memoir or book
  38. Tend to your creativity
  39. Have a place to play, a time to play, a space of your own
  40. Explore that somethin’ somethin’ you’ve been thinking about
  41. Season your day with life’s little things
  42. Envision
  43. Tend to your personal or professional leadership and creativity skills
  44. Grow communication and relationship skills
  45. Listen in and make connections
  46. Enhance a job transition or career change
  47. Create a little time for your self or a project
  48. Satisfy your curiosity and engage a bit more with the things you wonder about
  49. Create a new story or change a habit
  50. Help people transition and have a greater understanding of the dynamics involved in a situation.  (Ex: group caregiving journal)
  51. Reflect and/or grow your understanding in your work as a teacher, nurse, doctor, customer service rep, manager, technician, practitioner, artist, storyteller, engineer, etc.
  52. Have a space where you can spell or misspell a word any old way you want to
  53. Enjoy a little space of nonjudgment.
  54. See where you’ve been and where you might go next
  55. Grow a relationship
  56. Have your own portable play space
  57. Revel in a place where the grammar police can’t pry
  58. Leave a legacy*
  59. A place for memories*
  60. A possible therapeutic or healing space*
  61. A private place to express ourselves*
  62. A place for appreciation and gratitude**

So, what’s your reason for journaling?  I’d love to hear and grow my list – no doubt I’ve missed something!

– Mary

* Participant workshop suggestions 8/14/2015
** Another aha from yours truly  8/14/2015

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