Animal Play is a tool for personal and professional growth and creativity. This is a game you can play once and receive benefit, but the more you use it – the greater the benefits. I’m on day 4 of working with this tool and writing about it – you can learn more about this blog series on Animal Play here.

I’m still hopping around with a little kangaroo play this week. Today, for a bit of variety,  I wrote out the word kangaroo on a piece of paper and associated an action verb with each letter.

I will choose one verb at random on an hourly or so basis and take the requested action. The first one I picked was “Give” and I gave myself a one-minute play break and danced to the Pharrell Williams song, Happy.

My action verbs for today are:  kickass, act, nickname, give, aim, rest, organize, open

When I chose the word, nickname, I decided to call myself Flyer for the hour and see where that would take me. Turns out a female kangaroo is called a Flyer, Doe, or Jill. Regarding the word, kick ass, I never use this phrase, but it seemed so kangaroo-appropriate and means to me – take it on and make it a wow! It will be interesting to see what comes up when I pull that little strip of paper out of the hat!

If you are wondering what Animal Play is all about and why it is a tool for personal growth and leadership, please see Animal Play Day 1 and Day 5 below.

I’d love to hear about your experience and/or what you learn when you play this little game.

Have a playful day!

– Mary


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1/3/2017 – I edited this piece for clarity and have added a new image.

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