Play helps me gain perspective and this week I’m playing with the idea of penguin juggling. At the beginning of the week I often pick an animal to play with, and this week a penguin came to mind and so did the word juggling. Why juggling? Because my husband is interested in taking it up and I’m inspired to do the same. A few weeks ago, this little game was called gorilla play. [I’ve since named it Animal Play] This game inspires play, playfulness, perspective and I learn a lot about myself and others as I take a play break and view aspects of my week through the imagined eyes of an animal – this week a penguin.

Penguin juggling reminds me to:

  • waddle from here to there and move in new and different ways. Yes, I do not work in an office, and I hope, if I did, it would not impede my waddle!
  • learn more about the penguin. So, far I have learned:
    • they are carnivores. Oh dear! I’m a vegetarian!
    • there is a species of penguin called the Macaroni Penguin – I love this!
  • be more present and mindful and care for the egg or the work I am doing.
  • see my everyday life with increased perspective.
  • dress with more style!
  • juggle my work more playfully and take play breaks as needed.
  • swim through my day with a bit more ease.
  • consider what a penguin or juggler might do in my daily encounters.

So in the latter case,  I have a business decision to make around Google Analytics. I’ve run into a couple of snags in adding it to my site. To Google Analytics or not to Google Analytics – that is the question! I wonder, what would a penguin juggler do in such a situation.

A juggler might toss the idea around for while, maybe toss in someone else’s opinion and I have been seeking out alternatives to Google Analytics. A penguin might carefully tend to this idea (as they would their egg) but waiting 34 – 35 days for a decision to be made isn’t necessary in this case. However, a penguin juggler might just dive right in, toss this idea into the air and finding his balance, make a choice and waddle on. I’m with the penguin juggler on this one!

Now I best waddle back to work and toss a few more balls in the air.

Have a playful day,

– Mary


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– 12/27/2016 – a small bit for clarity, and removed a paragraph referring to my workshop and program entitled, Play and Change ~ Using Play as a Tool for Change. For more on the program and workshop, please see Services.
– 1/3/2017 – added Related Posts and edited for clarity.

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