This is Day 2 of the personal growth and development tool, Animal Play! I’ve been keeping the kangaroo in mind this week as I tend to my day and found it helpful.This playful game has helped me to:

  • try a new exercise. Kangaroos like to box, so I tried a little shadow boxing this morning. I’ll be frank, this idea was more fun for me to think about than actually do.
  • gain a little perspective. I had a lot on my plate this morning and I felt rushed. Sitting for a moment and thinking about how a kangaroo might handle it, I decided not to digest my day so quickly. Kangaroos digest their food twice. This thought brought a bit of presence to the morning.
  • understand the fisherman, a character in one my stories, just a bit better. I wondered what a kangaroo might do in the same situation as the fisherman. The fisherman in this story imprisons himself, but the kangaroo wouldn’t do that. Remember, a kangaroo can only move forward and never backwards. The forward movement of the kangaroo posed an interesting and insightful juxtaposition to the fisherman.
  • be a bit more curious. Again on the way to lunch I felt rushed, but  considered  the joey (a baby kangaroo). I mused that the joey must be a very curious creature and headed out with the intention of curiosity rather than hurrying from one point to another.
  • be more centered. When I think of the kangaroo’s strong legs and balancing act (his tail) and his amazing ability it to jump thirty feet- I can only imagine it feels like flying.

A note about Animal Play – certainly this is a game that engages the imagination – for me! For others it might be a totally different experience. It might feel like a kid’s game or even insignificant. Each of us has our own unique way to play. To find out more about how this game is played, please see here.

I’ll share more tomorrow.

Have a playful day!

– Mary


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– 1/2/2017 – changed image, edited for clarity.
– 1/3/2017 – added Related Posts and a bit more editing for clarity.

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