Animal Play is an activity that brings play, spontaneity, perspective and connection to business and personal life.  In my last blog, I described Penguin Juggling; however this week I thought I would share with you how I go about playing this game. I’ll be posting about it this week.

First, I pick an animal. at random or one that sounds like fun to work with for the week.

Next, I brainstorm everything I know about it. This week the animal is a kangaroo. Here’s my brief brainstorm: jumps, gray, pouch, big ears, long tail, strong legs, short arms, different sizes, Australia, unique, breeds profusely.

Finally, throughout my day walking from here to there, or in odd moments, or perhaps sometimes when I’m not sure how to approach something at work or in my personal life, I’ll think about how a kangaroo might approach the task or issue at hand.

Sometimes, I google the animal to expand my understanding and increase potential opportunities. I did this morning and I found out lots of things. Here is one site that is packed with information on kangaroos:

None of this takes much time and it adds so much to my work, to the connections I make during the day, and to my creativity. On top of that it is a great way to relieve any stress you might have.

Silly as it sounds, I asked myself this morning, “How would a kangaroo approach their week if they were me?” A kangaroo might . . .

  • Focus on what helps them move forward – kangaroos cannot move backwards.
  • Maintain balance – they use their tails for balance.
  • Take care of their joey(s) – a baby kangaroo. Apparently they can take care of up to three at a time.
  • Box. They box as play and/or to defend themselves.
  • Swim. When they swim they can move their legs independently whereas on land they cannot!
So what does this mean as I go forth this week …. I will look to:
  • Focus on what helps move me forward.
  • Try to maintain balance in my life.
  • Take care of my joeys – as I don’t have any babies – I’ll think of this as caring for some of the work and ideas I am tending to.
  • Shadow box at times for play.
  • Swim with the tide – or go with the flow.

I will be blogging daily for the next three days to share what happens.

Now I best get on with my work – hope you have a playful day!

– Mary 

PS: Here’s the sound of the kangaroo click here.
PPS:  How could I have forgotten about Captain Kangaroo?


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