One of the biggest take-a-ways this week is that my kangaroo play has brought me unexpected mindfulness and presence. I’ve also noticed that blogging about this experience has brought added awareness.  Currently I am on Day 3 of my Animal Play blog series.

I happened to chat with a friend today and was told he felt frustrated and wanted clarity around a situation he was dealing with at work. I asked him how a zebra would handle the situation – I did this with a straight face! First, he laughed out loud and then easily launched into how a zebra would seek the other zebras out for camouflage. He said, “It’s ironic that the zebra does not want clarity when there are predators about.” And, he went on and sought out the “Head Zebra.” We chatted for a few minutes, and at the end I asked if he found this conversation helpful. He said he did, and what was most helpful was the humor – it lightened the moment.

How is your week of Animal Play coming?  Have you found any new insights or perspectives?

– Mary

P.S. This activity also works wonderfully when you are working with personal stories. Simply choose an animal and replace yourself or one of the other characters in your real life story and see what kind of perspective you gain.


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– 1/2/2017 edited for blog and Animal Play series clarity and updated the image.
– 1/3/2017 edited to add Related Posts and to add clarity.

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